New Port Lights

This past fall we received some excellent feedback about our choice of the tri-matrix portlights from New Found Metals.  It got me thinking and wondering what the stainless steel ones would look like so recently I purchased one of them to try out.  Today I went out and dry fit it and snapped a few … More New Port Lights

A New Anchor!

I have lusted after a Rocna25 anchor for years now.  They are fantastic, proven anchors and all of my mentors have a Rocna hanging from their bow.  We have a Bruce which is also a great anchor however the Bruce was “properly” sized for the Alberg37 coming in at 20KG.   That is great and probably … More A New Anchor!

Dreams and Tenacity

2017 was a difficult year.  I was completely consumed with a major acquisition and renovation project at work that required me to work 50-60 hour weeks and left me with no day off.  Erin was pregnant for the later half and she describes her pregnancy as “difficult.”  From an outside perspective, I would describe it … More Dreams and Tenacity